「figure out」意思是?和 find out 的差別是?

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Hello, everyone! 我是英文庫的 Celine 🙂,今天要來講解 figure out 的用法唷~

figure out 是在生活中很常使用到的詞,像是一位業務員 👨‍💼 來跟你推銷產品時,用了一大串話把產品的功能解說一次,但你聽完後還是霧煞煞,這時候就可以說 Sorry, I can’t figure it out 來表示你無法理解。那麼接下來,我們就一起來看看 figure out 這個實用的片語要如何使用吧!

figure out 的意思

figure out 的中文意思為「弄明白、理解;想出」,通常會涉及腦力 🧠、運用到邏輯思辨這類比較複雜的思考過程。
在用法上,它是個可分片語,所以可以寫作 figure out something/someonefigure something/someone out,如果是受詞是人稱代名詞,就一定會放在 figure out 之間,像是 figure it out、figure him out。看例句吧:

We still couldn’t figure out the solution to this problem.

Has anyone figured out the answer?

It took me a lot of time to figure out this new app.

Sally’s parents can’t figure her out at all.
Sally 的父母對她一點都不了解。

After the teacher figured it out, she must be very angry.

We’ll figure it out.

此外,figure out 後面也常搭配 wh- 疑問詞一起用,像是 what、why、where、how 等等,例如:

I can’t figure out why he made this decision.

They spent about 20 minutes figuring out how to save that dog.

The police asked the witnesses to the accident to figure out what had happened.

I’m trying to figure out what‘s going on here.

最後呢,figure out 也是可以搭配 that 子句一起用的唷:

After listening to the story, Tommy figured out that he had made a mistake.
在聽完那個故事後,Tommy 理解到他之前犯了一個錯。

They finally figured out that it’s impossible to change the situation.

Did you finally figure out that you’re not dreaming?

figure out 和 find out 的差別?

有些學習者對於 figure out 和 find out 會覺得用起來很相似,但其實它們是不太相同的唷。先來複習一下上述提到的,figure out 會需要用到腦力去思考、推論、分析、運算等,過程會比較複雜與費心思。而 find out(找出、查明;得知)會偏向去發現原本就存在的事實或資訊,像是搜尋資料、他人告知的事情等。直接來看例句會更清楚:

Have you figured out the riddle?

People were trying to figure out how the man had survived the air crash.

Edward couldn’t figure out why her girlfriend got mad at him.
Edward 無法理解為何他女友要對他很生氣。

I would like to find out where he bought the watch.

Sarah found out that her son hadn’t gone to school for three days.
Sarah 發現他兒子已經三天沒有去學校了。

Danny didn’t find out that his flight had been canceled until he arrived at the airport.
Danny 直到抵達機場了才發現他的班機已經被取消了。

That’s All for Today

以上就是 figure out 的用法和比較,相信看完這篇文章後,你就可以有自信地說 I’ve figured out how to use figure out. 啦!✌️ 那也記得試著把所學應用到你的生活中,才會進步得更快唷!

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今天就分享到這兒,記得下次遇到任何英文疑問時,要回來英文庫學習喔!See you next time! 😉


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