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Hello, everyone! 我是英文庫的 Celine,今天要來與你分享 indeed 的用法!

你應該對 indeed 這個字不陌生,因為它滿常出現在日常的英文對話中,而這句諺語你應該也聽過:A friend in need is a friend indeed.(患難見真情)。接下來,就讓我來詳細說明 indeed 常用的語意和用法吧。


indeed 的意思與例句

indeed 作為副詞 (adv.),主要有以下三種用法:

(1) 表示「確實、的確是」

這時的 indeed 會用以加強句子的語氣,可置於句首、句中、句末,也常用於答句中。放句首時, 後面通常會加上逗號。

A: Oh my goodness! The coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused so many deaths around the world. 😢

B: Indeed, it could be the worst disaster in the world this century.

A: WOW! The fried chicken tastes so good! 🍗

B: You bet! This is indeed the most delicious fried chicken I’ve ever had. 🤤

A: Have you indeed finished your homework?

B: Yes, Mom. You can take a look at my remarkable work. 😉

A: I need to tell you the bad news. Your favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash. ☹️

B: Oh no! This is bad news indeed. / This is indeed bad news. 😭

  • indeed 也可以用於肯定答覆中,以加強肯定答覆的語氣。

A: Did you know the guy over there?
B: I did indeed. / Indeed I did. / Yes, indeed.

A: Is this your puppy? 🐶
B: It is indeed. / Indeed it is.

A: Isn’t it a gorgeous day, Grandfather?
B: Yes, indeed!

(2) 表示「甚至;而且;事實上」

此時會用來引出補充的資訊或論述,以強化前面所說的論點。是比較正式的用法。indeed 後面會加上逗號再寫句子。


The girl rarely smiles. Indeed, I have seen her smile only once or twice since I came.

Our boss is very stubborn; indeed, he likes to have everything done in his own way.

I passed the math test, and indeed, I got the highest score in the class. 🥳

(3) 用來加強前方論述

indeed 置於「very + 形容詞/副詞」之後可以用來加強前面的論述,意思近於「真的很…、的確很…」,這個用法較常見於英式英語 🇬🇧 中,very 原則上不會省略。

Thank you very much indeed. 🙏

Thank you very much indeed for having us here. 🥺

The taxi driver was driving very fast indeed. 🚖

I was very sad indeed to hear of your dog’s death. 😢
(聽到你的狗狗過世真的讓我很難過。) is a very useful website indeed. 👍

It is a very rare snake indeed. 🐍

That’s All for Today

indeed 的用法其實不難又實用,不管在口語或寫作中都可以使用,連很多名人都常在話語中用到 indeed 呢。像是我很尊敬的馬丁·路德·金恩博士說的:

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. Indeed, it is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr



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